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    Walk through metal detectors are divided into two categories such as single zone and multi-zone metal detectors. A multi-zone detector has the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the target which could be hidden in one of the body parts of a person walking through the detector. Walk through metal detectors are common to many establishments than airports and security establishments. Schools, private buildings, night clubs, police stations and large warehouse facilities are some of the major institutions where metal detectors are used today. This article will highlight one of the best metal detectors on the market.

    Garrett PD 6500i –

    The Garrett PD 6500i is a multi zone metal detector which is considered one of the most advanced of its kind. Some of the salient features include advanced broadband detection technology and interference suppression. The sturdy and attractive construction will help to meet all your company’s security requirements. There are 33 pinpoint zones in this detector which will no doubt provide professional security to the staff and premises of your company. Some of the most important features of the detector include:

    . Pacing lights at the entrance will display international STOP and GO symbols in order to control traffic.

    . LED lights would provide a visual alarm and the volume of it is adjustable.

    . Weather-proofing and foreign object protection features would ensure the durability of the equipment.

    . 24-month warranty for labor and parts.

    The above metal detector is sold at http://www.pti-world.com. They have more than 30-years of extensive experience in manufacturing and servicing some of the best walk through metal detectors on the market. Their products are used by leading mining, jewelry manufacturing and refining companies of today. The customer service of the company is top notch. The manufacturing plant of the company is located in West Jordan, UT. Visit their website now for all your metal detector requirements.